Underwater Portraits at Watersafe Swim School

Provided by jack nance enterprises

If there is one thing we love, it’s gorgeous portraits of ourselves and family. So why settle for a typical location shot in a park, the beach, or out in the middle of nowhere where you spend hours of prep, travel, and then the cost of the photo shoot itself! Share something truly unique that’ll amaze your friends and family.

Underwater portraits offer a surreal look that can’t be found anywhere else. And at half the price of traditional portraits, and a third of the time! It’s all done in under a half hour and you’ll still have the rest of your day to enjoy! Plus you’ll have copies of your Photo Session enhanced, edited, and ready for pick up by the following week. Guaranteed.

Los Alamitos - Outdoor Portraits

Indoor 92 Degree Pool Available by request on Saturdays after 2pm.
However, the Outdoor Pool is 85 Degrees, most children (Even Babies) are stay comfortable with the short duration, and the natural light provides brilliant illumination of the photos.


  • Appointment Fee Only - Decide on Purchase Later

    • Single (1 Model + Parent if can’t swim) - $60

    • Group (No Limit + Parent if can’t swim) - $120

  • Digital Copy of all Photos - Includes Appointment Fee

    • Single (1 Model + Parent if can’t swim) - $290

    • Group (No Limit + Parent if can’t swim) - $350

  • Photo Printing: Be sure to Pre-Purchase during check to receive 30% OFF!

    5 x 7: $5 ea

    8 x 10: $10 ea

    11 x 17: $20 ea

    13 x 19: $30 ea