Miss Stacy

I grew up in Tustin where I learned to swim at Blue Buoy Swim School and became a competitive swimmer at the age of 5. I swam for SoCal Aquatics for over 10 years. After graduating from Foothill High School I got a summer job at Nordstrom that turned into a thirteen-year career in retail. While working for Nordstrom I graduated from Chapman with a degree in American History.  Shortly after graduation I met my husband Loukas and we were married in the summer of '05. In the winter of 2007 I left Nordstrom to pursue a career in teaching... swimming lessons. Not exactly what I got my degree for but nevertheless I'm still teaching!

Being a mother of two beautiful girls, I was grateful to find a job that worked with my busy mom schedule and was something that I enjoy. I've been a swim instructor for ten years now and my career began at the same place my lessons did as a child, Blue Buoy Swim School. As the girls grew and they entered the world of competitive swimming, I also became a coach at Seal Beach Swim Club. I had coached for one year with Seal Beach when I heard that Watersafe was opening a new location in Los Alamitos and they had a pre-competitive swim team. The girls began swimming with Swordfish Swim Team and about six months later I began teaching at Watersafe. Now I have been with Watersafe for nearly two years and I have the best of both worlds... I get to teach and coach swimming! I am truly blessed to do what I love and love what I do!

What is your favorite guilty pleasure food?

Seafood! I love seafood! Anything that comes from the ocean makes me happy!

What is the most rewarding aspect of coaching for you?

I love watching the swimmers grow.  I am lucky to have the building blocks of the Smart Fish Method from Watersafe, which helps our pre-competitive swimmers attain their goals of becoming proficient in all four strokes.