Requirements: Must be a member of US Masters Swimming ($61 annual fee). The registration process for US Masters Swimming is quick and easy. Use the following link to register under Swordfish Masters and you are all set (SWRD)
Workouts: Once you register as a US Masters Swimmer, you may attend any and all of the coached and independent workouts. There is no minimum or maximum however, your participation level will directly affect your results. What you put into it is what you get out of it.
Coached workouts may be tailored to your individual needs. Independent workouts will be posted based upon 3 levels of fitness
(A – beginner, B – intermediate, C – advanced)
The A – beginner level will list suggested rest periods and sets instead of pre-determined times so that completing each individual workout may be achieved by any swimmer. We strongly suggest attending at least one coached workout per week so that the Swordfish Masters Coaches may assess and adjust your stroke technique as well as your workouts.

Coached Workout Schedule ~ Los Alamitos

Meets: Throughout the year, Swordfish Masters are encouraged to attend local, sanctioned meets. You may choose the events in which you will be competing.
Meets may be held in short course or long course, meters or yards. Meets are mixed, meaning that heats are determined strictly by time and not by age or gender however, ribbons are typically given to the top three times in each age group (also separated by gender). Meet fees are separate from the annual registration fees.
Swordfish Fees: A fee of $45/month will be charged to all swimmers. Latex TEAM cap will be provided.


Workouts: Lap swim is available for adults Monday through Friday mornings from 7-8am in the back pool of the Los Alamitos facility.
Fees: Lap Swim tuition is $35 monthly for access to all available workout sessions. If you would like to purchase individual sessions instead, we offer them for $5 each. Any questions, please contact the office at 562-596-8608.

Contact Info:

Nathanael Najarian
(562) 229-2484