A poorly made pair of goggles can ruin a swim lesson

Have you ever wondered what the actual difference is between ALL those different brands of goggles? Which is the best brand for you and your family? Are there different sizes?  Which type last the longest? Why do they all look different? At Watersafe Swim School, we have done the research for you.  We have tried Continue Reading


Swim Time Is Bonding Time

Parents often sign their children up for swimming lessons with safety foremost on their minds. While safety is obviously a valid reason, there are countless other benefits to getting little ones in the water early on. These advantages start earlier than some might expect. Parents might think infant swimming lessons are just fun and games, Continue Reading


Swimming engages all five of the senses

Close your eyes and think about a swimming pool. What do you see, hear, feel, smell or taste? These are the five paths into the brain. By stimulating the mind with all five senses you generate activity in the brain, creating growth. Swimming accesses all five senses. You can see the water, other children, a Continue Reading


Water Safety is not Seasonal…

Warm weather, sunshine, and a cool breeze!  It’s a typical California summer day.  And what better way to enjoy the day than with a dip in the pool or even better, a day at the beach.  We are very lucky to be able to enjoy the benefits of our Mediterranean climate year round.  But with Continue Reading

  • 20 month old Taylor Mortiz loved the water but couldn’t swim, a scary combination. She fought her lessons, but eventually learned to appreciate her ability to back float, especially when she had to use it at the River. Taylor followed her dad out into the water, lost her footing…fell in and saved herself. When her father turned around, he found her floating confidently on her back and he simply picked her up with praise and relief.
  • 3 year old Jamie Utz was riding her tricycle around the swimming pool, caught her wheel on the edge, fell in, back floated, rolled back over, swam to the wall, climbed out and was only upset because her precious tricycle had sunk to the bottom.
  • Nancy Knable was missing. Mom ran out to the pool and discovered her toddler back floating, fully clothed. Nancy continued her Watersafe Swim School lessons, grew up to enjoy competitive swimming, water polo & synchronized swimming. She eventually became a teacher at the school, a living testimonial to the effectiveness of the Smart Fish method.

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