Private Swimming Seal Beach

Our fastest and most effective classes, whether you’re looking for your child to be safe around the pool, learn proper stroke technique, or prepare for swim team. Our private lessons are for all ages. The Smart Fish survival roll and float method has saved countless lives. Please visit our testimonials section for examples. Our expert staff will teach your young swimmers how to save themselves even if they fall into the water fully clothed. Watersafe Swim School class rates are based on one class per week, billed on the first of each month. Register today and you will receive your welcome email and an introductory phone session to help answer any additional questions you may have.

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  • $115/month/once a week (you may register for more than once a week, or reserve 30 minute lessons, simply multiply the price)
  • Any age/skill level
  • 15 minutes

Parent & Tot

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Join your baby in the warmth of our indoor 91 degree pool for songs and skills in this 30 minute class. The speed and intensity of the class is entirely up to each parent. Following the Smart Fish Method, our Parent Tot class will actually teach you to become the teacher of your own child. Whether in swim class, or playing at home, practicing life savings skills is always a great idea.
Once you are ready to move on to ‘Grade 3’, your baby will already be well on it’s way to more advanced skills in our private 1 on 1 lessons.

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  • $70/month/once a week
  • All children under 3 years of age
  • 30 minutes

Under 4 months old

Under 4 Months Swim Lessons Seal Beach

You can start as soon as the umbilical cord heals. Research has shown that infant/toddler swimming lessons can and will increase physical, emotional, and social growth. The weightless environment provides a perfect environment for freedom of movement that cannot be had in any other physical activity.
Cognitive development is increased due to the greater amount of stimulation uniquely offered through swim lessons. We have found that infants and toddlers who are in swim lessons routinely reach developmental milestones at younger ages and with greater proficiency than the national average. The effects of swim lessons for older children vary from increased levels of motor development and coordination, to greater confidence and levels of concentration in school studies. Check the benefits of starting at such a young age.

  • Free!
  • 0-4 months old
  • One Private or Parent & Tot Lesson per week
  • Call to sign up

Semi Private Class

Semi Private Swim Lessons Los Alamitos

Does your child learn better with other children next to them? Our 30 minute semi private classes have 2-3 students. If your child is already a Watersafe Student, simply find a class that fits their Smart Fish Method Grade Level and your schedule.

Semi Private Lessons

Group Class

Group Swimming Lessons Los Alamitos

If you’re looking for a group lesson setting with more hands on teaching than our Swim Team classes, then our Group Classes are a perfect fit. Small groups of 4-6 students working on stroke technique, Grade 7/8 – Freestyle and Backstroke, Grade 9/10 – Breaststroke and Butterfly, and Grade 11/12 – Advanced Skills.

Group Lessons

Swordfish Swim Team

Swordfish Swim Team Photography

Our U.S.A. Swimming certified team offers developmental, pre-competitive, and competitive workouts and meets year-round.

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  • Los Alamitos Facility Only
  • USA Swimming Registered
  • Orange County Swim Conference
  • Bi-Monthly Fun-Meets!