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Our 18 month old rolled over into a safe back-float position after stumbling in the water at Mother's Beach…so glad he learned to swim during the spring so he could safely enjoy summer swimming.–Adam Castro's family

. . . Jack loves the water but yet he does cry when it is lesson time. Even though I HATE the fact that he cries when we go, I do now know that all the crying has paid off in the fact that I know this has all sunk in. In a scary situation, fully dressed and faced with being in the water, he knew what to do. . .–Julie, Bob & Jack Snow

20 month old Taylor Mortiz loved the water but couldn't swim, a scary combination. She fought her lessons, but eventually learned to appreciate her ability to back float, especially when she had to use it at the River. Taylor followed her dad out into the water, lost her footing…fell in and saved herself. When her father turned around, he found her floating confidently on her back and he simply picked her up with praise and relief.–Moritz family

I started my first son with WaterSafe when he was about 10 months old, my 2nd at 3 months, and my 3rd son at 2.5 months.  Though they have all cried during their lessons, they love their teachers and I love them! I'm so relieved that my boys know how to survive in water, and that they love to swim.  There's no way that I could keep them all safe by myself at a pool or the beach without them having these skills. Thank you, WaterSafe!–Elizabeth Orr

3 year old Jamie Utz was riding her tricycle around the swimming pool, caught her wheel on the edge, fell in, back floated, rolled back over, swam to the wall, climbed out and was only upset because her precious tricycle had sunk to the bottom.–Utz family


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